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Traveling has a number of cyber security risks attached to it, whether you are traveling in your own country or abroad. When we connect to a WiFi hotspot, we are putting ourselves at a high risk. Buses, trains, restaurants and airports are all places where you can access free networks which can be disastrous. Your VPN becomes the one thing standing between you and a robbery of your personal data.

Moreover, while you are travelling for official business or on vacation, it sometimes becomes incredibly difficult to access many important online services. For instance, to unblock Netflix, online banking or even certain social media that you need to access and update.

Only a VPN could be able to guarantee you access to online services that may be blocked if you are travelling to a different geographical region!

How does a VPN factor in?

A VPN encrypts your data online which prevents hackers from being able to see your online activity, along with that also protecting your data in case if you have connected to a fake WiFI hotspot put up by the hackers. A VPN does this by encrypting all of your data, making it harder for the hackers to get their hands on your financial details and credentials, thus preventing identity theft of any sort. This way you can use the internet completely worry free.

Choosing the best VPN for traveling abroad!

If you are traveling or even simply commuting, a VPN is definitely something that you have got to be using due to the reasons discussed above. This will ensure you the peace of mind you need when traveling and using online services.

But the question is, how to select the best VPN for traveling? This review will answer this question and hopefully help you save time on researching for the best VPN.

According to our research and extensive testing, Ivacy is the only VPN that meets the 3 major criteria that we use to gauge the best VPN for traveling abroad.

High Speeds:

If a VPN is unable to ensure or at least maintain high speeds, all of its remaining features become irrelevant for you! Ivacy is not only a fast bonding VPN that employs fast encryption technology, it is also the recipient of the prestigious OpenVPN’s Fastest VPN award category. It uses multiple connection technology, which means that when the connection from one server drops, Ivacy reroutes the traffic, transferring it another one, without causing any delay!

Here is why we believe that Ivacy is the Best VPN for Travelers Abroad: 

Ideally, the best VPN should do at least three of the basic criteria:

Securing the Connection:

Ivacy secures the internet connection in the best possible way with its multiple protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP. Apart from it, the encryption used by Ivacy is military grade which is the best possible encryption in the VPN world by all standards.

Equipped with a Fail Safe:

Being online has become incredibly important in today’s world. Especially when you need to stay connected to receive work related video calls, whereby important decisions need to be made.

Apart from meeting these criteria, Ivacy VPN also goes easy on the pocket, considering that it is as economical as a VPN can be. Ivacy currently charges $ 9.95 per month which is way below the industry average of $12/month. This is particularly important because, if you are already spending too much on traveling, you don’t want to spend more on buying a VPN!

Here is how Ivacy fits perfectly on a travelling budget:

Affordable Packages:

Ivacy offers two main packages including the following:

2 Years: This package saves up to 77% of the original cost and comes at 2.25/month

1 Year: This package saves up to 66% and comes at 3.33/month

We found these packages to be offering discounts way bigger than the other VPNs

30 Day Money Back Guarantee:

You can really use a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are a traveler. If you aren’t satisfied with the service during the course of your travel, you have the option of having your cash back. Moreover, if your travel ends within a month, you can use the money back guarantee either way. We did the same once we were done testing Ivacy for the review.

7 Day Trial:

Ivacy also offers a 7 day trial for the users so that they can test and see for themselves, what it’s about. If you intend on traveling to faraway places, you could really use this 7 day trial period, albeit you would have to enter your payment details.

All in all, Ivacy’s features coupled with its extraordinary speed, make it the VPN you can go for, when you are travelling. Although, there are many other VPNs none of them come any closer to offering the same benefits for travelers that Ivacy does. Most of the times, they have certain features but are missing out on another critical one such as Speed or high number of servers. But, Ivacy happens to have all of the necessary features that can sustain your online activities while traveling.

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