Why Whitewater Rafting in America?

The holiday season is almost here, and most of us are already thrilled about getting our break before we usher in the New Year. If you are looking for something a bit adventurous, then you should give whitewater rafting a shot. It can be fun for the whole family and it’s a great chance to bond outdoors instead of having to be stuck inside the house.

What is whitewater rafting?

One of the most popular recreational outdoor activities, whitewater rafting has been seeing a lot of takers for it of late. While it is considered an extreme sport, there are several levels of rapids that range from 1 – 6, with the 6 being something that can almost always land you in danger. If your family is new to rafting, then you should consider class 1 rapids. They are really easy, and you don’t have to prep them much at all before you embark on it.

Are there whitewater travel holidays?

There are several places where you can opt for excellent whitewater holidays for the whole family or with friends. Each of these locales has something unique to offer and can be a fun and exhilarating for the family.

Top 3 Spots For A Rafting Holiday

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor holiday for your loved ones, then we have just the right choices for you. The places that we are about to list have their own distinctive character and offer a fantastic whitewater experience.

Arkansas River, Colorado – One of the most popular spots for rafting, the Arkansas River offers close to 100 miles of exquisite whitewater for you to enjoy. It starts from the Colorado Rockies and has a lot of different classes of rapids that people can enjoy. From serene and scenic float sections to the class 3 and 4 Brown Canyons section, followed by the even more exciting Royal Gorge. If at all you’re looking for outfitters for a safe whitewater holiday, go ahead and explore the Royal Gorge with Echo Canyon River Expeditions.

Gardiner, Montana – Another very scenic spot for your whitewater rafting adventure, this is on the Yellowstone River and is a beautiful way to spend a rafting holiday with your family. The views include mountains all around the Yellowstone Park and characteristic wildlife like ospreys, bison, and eagles which are found all over the route.

Taos, New Mexico – Taos is found between the magnificent canyons of Northern New Mexico and offers several opportunities for whitewater rafting. It has 3 sections for whitewater rafting and is known by the locals as “Wild Rivers.” It has different classes of rapids, of which the most fun is the class 4+ through what is called the Razorblades. It has a series of pool drops rapids and can be fun with experienced guides onboard.

What Is A “Whitewater” Raft?

Rafts that are used for whitewater rafting are built to withstand the rigors and strains of the rapids. They are usually made of synthetic rubber that is multilayered to resist tears or punctures. They are also sometimes made out of vinyl although those are not as popular as the rubber ones. The raft has many chambers which hold air meaning even if one of them is punctured, the air in the other sections can keep it afloat till they get to safety. They are anywhere between 11 – 20 feet in length and up to 8ft wide.

Why Choose Experienced Rafting Outfitters

The first thing you need to do is get in touch with experienced rafting outfitters in the region. Good companies can help you with a safe and fun rafting trip and something that you will look forward to next year as well. Check for reviews online and talk to them before you make up your mind. Most rafting companies provide you with all the safety gear you will require as well as a safety brief from an experienced rafting guide to help you. This guide accompanies you on your rafting adventure to keep the group away from dangers and get them back safe without incidents.

Health Benefits Of Whitewater Rafting

Being stuck behind a desk or working all year around might be good for your bank account, but it is not great for your body and mind. Here are a few health benefits to whitewater rafting that you should know.

Stress reduction – rafting is your escape from the harsh realities of work. Being in touch with nature really helps tone down stress and leaves your worries behind. Plus, the whitewater adventure means that you are not left pondering over anything other than the task at hand which is keeping you and your group afloat!

Develops musculature – whitewater rafting is a physical activity, and it significantly improves your overall body strength. While paddling, you are using your entire body to control the raft around obstacles as well as prevent it from toppling over.

Improves teamwork – keeping a raft going in the right direction while listening to commands from the guide with 6 other people can quickly develop your sense of teamwork. You learn to coordinate with your teammates and find their strengths and weaknesses.

Improves self-esteem – whitewater rafting is not easy, and this is precisely why you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the trip. This is important for building your confidence and self-belief. If you are new to this, it might seem insurmountable at first and then when you get through it, it is a feeling that is hard to compare.

Finding yourself – because you are so engrossed with the activities at hand, you tend to forget other things that are bothering you at the moment. What matters right now is the team and that you reach your final destination without incident and by overcoming obstacles as a team. This subconsciously acts as an enabler and reinforces your belief that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


Whitewater rafting is one of those outdoors sports that a lot of people like because it is quite fun, suitable for all ages and has a lot of benefits as well. Also, you are literally an outstretched hand away from nature, and it is a really up close and personal experience with the outside. Due to the evolution of whitewater techniques and equipment, the chances of anything untoward happening is a lot lesser than other outdoor sports. So go ahead and plan that whitewater rafting holiday for your family, we’re sure they will love it!

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