Ultimate Guide to Philippines

While I’ve never been personally, the Philippines is supposed to be an absolute treasure trove for adventurers and digital nomads. So what do other bloggers recommend? Find out here on this ultimate guide and learn about what the Philippines has to offer.

Tropical Rainforests

By Sajib Saha – India Tour Blog

With the volume of these rainforests being severely reduced due to illegal logging, visitors to these jewels of nature are made quickly aware of their beauty and value and are often moved to seek ways to protect them. These rainforests actually contain 3,500 endemic species that can only be found in these islands. Some of the most interesting of these are the Philippine Eagle, Visayan spotted deer and the Philippine flying lemur. The biological diversity found here is very rare and a treasured asset of these islands. In addition, flora and fauna found here are among the most unique in on the globe.

The Island of Camiguin

By Bert Luxing – Survive Travel

Camiguin is an island not far from the coast of Mindanao. If you like the outdoors it is an island paradise. Take your pick of the many beach resorts, there is something for every budget. Next, rent a motorbike or private car to go explore. For those that want to relax you can chill on the beach or in a hot-spring. For the more adventurous try hiking up a volcano. There are also several waterfalls you can visit. Some are easy to access while others (such as Batanangan Falls) are not, you’ll need to trek in.

If you like exploring the seas, there is some great diving. There is also snorkelling at the sunken cemetery or in the turtle sanctuary. Camiguin may be more difficult to get to than other places in the Philippines, but it is definitely worth it.

The Island of Coron, Palawan

By Djulia – Urban Ponder

Hailed as the World’s Best Island by leading travel magazine Travel + Leisure for two years in a row now, Palawan is a must visit. The island is popular for its white beaches, turquoise lagoons, bizarre rock formations, diverse wildlife, and lush jungles. When travelling to Palawan, you will have to choose between two key destinations: El Nido and Coron.

If you want a place that is less touristy, Coron should be your first choice. Island hopping in Coron is also more affordable than in El Nido. You get to set your eyes on breathtaking lagoons surrounded by limestones and cliffs. The main attraction on this part of Palawan are Lake Kayangan, Barracuda Lake and the Twin Lagoons. Island hopping tours that are offered by practically all the hotels and tour operators in town will take you to all the key attractions. Tour A and B will have you experiencing most of the main attractions. My favourite is the Kayangan Lake, which is offered in Tour A. The freshwater lake surrounded by limestone walls is as close to paradise as I have ever been on this planet. Its natural beauty is simply surreal.

Coron is also the ideal destination if you are a diver. The place boasts an abundant marine life, colourful coral gardens, and Japanese shipwrecks. Coron has even been recognized as one of the best dive spots in the world!

ultimate guide to the philippines


By Megan – Half This World Away

Boracay is one of the most popular destinations in The Philippines and it’s not hard to see why. Only a 45-minute flight from Manila, this tropical paradise offers stunning white beaches, breathtaking sunsets, mouth-watering restaurants and some of the best nightlife in the whole country.

It’s definitely one of the more Westernised areas of The Philippines we visited, so don’t expect an authentic Filipino experience. Instead, you will discover a multicultural utopia which attracts tourists from all over the world and is probably home to the bluest water you will ever see.

We adored our time in Boracay, it was the perfect place to relax from the general hectic-ness of Asia.

ultimate guide to the philippines

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