You’ll Make Travel Mistakes!

I’m no stranger to making wildly stupid decisions while travelling. Oh sure, I’ve been on the road for four and a half years and you think I’m a bloody pro. WRONG. I fumble and stumble my way around every day, making stupid mistakes. I’m also terrible at budgeting, so I can never afford a new one.

by Danie – Like Riding a Bicycle

Alas, I’ve made many mistakes on the road, but I try to learn from them. One big thing I learned, for example, is you must have six months valid on your passport to enter many countries. Did you know that?! So I renewed my passport while in Canada – though it doesn’t expire until March – to avoid this very thing. But I could have easily just not known, and been in big trouble. (Big trouble is having to return to CANADA in the FREEZING COLD and book a bloody ticket to get there. No. Just no.)

Another big thing to remember is the drug laws in different countries vary vastly from one another; while Canadian cannabis is easy to obtain and not a big deal to smoke – even in public in certain areas – places like Thailand will throw you in jail for so much as a joint. It’s important to be aware of these things while travelling.

So check out this handy infographic on common travel mistakes so you don’t make the same errors I’ve made (and learned from, albeit the hard way).

Common Travel Mistakes

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