Ultimate Guide to Sicily

You’ve all heard of it, but what’s it really like? What will draw you to this amazing island near Italy? Thanks to this wicked infographic I came across. Get off the mainland of Italy (though there are some wicked places to see, like Sorrento and Venice), and check out the islands! So here are my top five reasons to visit Sicily, and all the greatness it has to offer!

Ancient Theatre of Taormina

By Danie – Like Riding a Bicycle

This is a wonderful open-air museum to check out what it was really like in the Greek times. It has been renovated as the Romans would have had it, so you can see what it was really like, rather than just ruins. It is located in Taormina, a spot so beautiful it is often called the pearl of the Mediterranean. Why wouldn’t you want to check this out? I’m dreaming of it already.

Etna Park

Giant active volcanoes companied by loads of trails surrounded by forests and breathtaking views greet you at Etna Park. Did I mention one of the volcanoes is the largest active on in Europe?! If you know me at all, you know I dream of visiting an active volcano one day, so this would be epic.

Valley of the Temples, Agrigento

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there’s got to be a good reason! You can check out the past of the Hellenic civilization in all its beauty. Whether you’re a history buff or just like checking out what it used to be like in days long gone, this is a stunning place to visit.

Scala Dei Turchi

This is an active cliff that overlooks the sea, and is not far from the Valley of the Temples – why not make it a day trip together?! The turquoise waters crash upon the white rocks of the Scala Dei Turchi, which makes for an absolutely stunning view. This is said to be one of the best views in all of Italy. Am I convincing you to visit Sicily yet?!

Zingaro Nature Reserve

The many shades of colours in the water are enough to bring you to this natural reserve. Another one of the best views in Italy, this place is an absolute utopia for nature lovers and is open to visitors all throughout the year. It’s one of the best sites in Sicily, and cannot be missed!

So how on earth do I get to Sicily?

Lucky for you (and for me when I make it there!) there are many ferries to Sicily. Hop on one and let me know how your trip goes – tempt me, even more, to take that flight over to Europe and explore once more!

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