Italy’s Giglio Island

Ever considered visiting Giglio Island? Me neither, on account of I’d never ever heard of it until today, preferring to go somewhere like Sicily – that I’d actually heard of! Then I found this awesome and easy to follow infographic that just made me fall in love with the place without even trying – so join me on my dream of visiting Giglio Island in Italy! Here are my favourite reasons to visit:

Giglio Porto

By Danie – Like Riding a Bicycle

This will be your point of arrival on the island; while ports are often dumpy towns, this is anything but. Wander the streets to check out the Tower of Saraceno, the beautifully coloured houses, and much more as you adventure through town deciding on your next stop. Which may well be…

Cannelle Bay

Practically in stumbling distance from the port is Cannelle Bay. This beach has crystal clear waters that are shallow enough that it’s awesome for families with little ones. You can see them well, and they can’t go deep! I can think of a few friends who can’t swim who would greatly appreciate this beach too!

Caldane Beach

While this beach isn’t too far from Cannelle, it features some crazy winding roads to get to it; it’s not for the faint of heart, and may not be great with small children (unless they’re very adventurous ones!) Still, it’s beautiful and a great place to spend the day relaxing.

Giglio Mines

In the north-western area of the island, you’ll find Giglio Mines. You can explore the mining pat on Giglio which took part in extracting iron and pyrite. Plus there are tons of beaches nearby – cool off from the mines in some refreshing water at one of Giglio’s stunning beaches!

Tour of the Lighthouses

Why not take a boat trip around the island? There are countless lighthouses to see, the three main ones being the Lighthouse of Vaccarecce, which is the oldest on the island, the Lighthouse of Fenaio, and the Lighthouse of Capel Roso. And who doesn’t need an excuse to hop on a boat for the day?!

How to Get There

The Santo Stefano ferry will take you straight on over to Giglio, so you’ve no reason not to check it out on your next visit to Italy!

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