Holiday Getaways Near Mumbai

Want to surprise someone special with a quick getaway?

Or are you planning on a weekend getaway from Mumbai, but have no idea where to go?

Well, if your answer to all the above questions is a yes, then we have something really impressive and creative that we would like to share with you! Because as travellers ourselves, we too are always on the look-out for new and exciting places to visit. Here are the best holiday getaways near Mumbai.

A Comprehensive List of 55 Best Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

by Nirav Dave, co-founder of ZaraHutke

Are you of bored of the daily grind?

Do you want to take a break, before the routine gets on your nerves?

Finding an unknown destination, that is beautiful and at the same time away from the maddening crowd, is at times a bit of a struggle.

It was during one such time, as we were exploring the internet, that we discovered this incredible infographic, that as a comprehensive list of all the places in and around Mumbai.

It is one of the most interesting and well-researched infographics on weekend getaways near Mumbai and is also a unique initiative! It is called the Ultimate List of 55 best weekend getaways from Mumbai.

Doubtful, are you?

Check it out for yourself here – the best holiday getaways near Mumbai! Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, this list is the one and only ultimate weekend getaway guide near Mumbai and the reason why we think every Mumbaikar should download this infographic is that:

It not only suggests to you the best holiday getaways near Mumbai but also provides you with the details on how you can reach there faster. It tells you what these destinations are famous for. It also tells you about popular places in a particular area. It informs you about the best time to visit these place. And it gives you a brief on what you can do there.

All you need to do is pick a place and Voila!

So, don’t wait too long! Check out the infographic below to plan your weekend getaway now!

55+ of the best Holiday Getaways Near Mumbai [Infographic] by the team at

Holiday Getaways Near Mumbai

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