Ultimate Guide to Athens

The lively capital of Greece, Athens, is the birthplace of the Western Civilisation. With a history marked by Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman civilisations, there are a lot of things to do in Athens to keep you occupied for days. Check out this awesome Athens travel guide to plan your journey!

Athens travel guide

Walk among the ruins – Acropolis

by Cristina Puscas – LooknWalk Greece

No Athens travel guide would be complete without this! It is the most important landmark to visit and if you only have a day or two to visit Athens, you should not miss strolling among the ruins of the Acropolis. Before you enter the site, make sure to get some water and snacks. Wear good walking shoes (all-terrain light-weight walking shoes are a great choice) and make sure to wear sunscreen if you visit during summer.

The site is huge and it can take hours to cover it. The Parthenon is the largest temple on the Acropolis, dedicated to goddess Athena. Other buildings not to miss are the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechteion, and the Propylea.

Athens travel guide

Learn about the ancient Greek society when you visit Ancient Agora

Although I loved the Acropolis, my favorite of the must-visit places in Athens is the Ancient Agora – this is why this Athens travel guide is different from the rest! It is the best example of an ancient Greek agora and offers an excellent insight into how the society was organized. You can spend a lot of time just strolling among the ruins. My favorite building is the Temple of Hephaestus. Other important buildings include the Mint, the Strategeion, the  Temple of Apollo Patroos, and the two South Stoa.

Make sure to wear good walking shoes and try to avoid visiting during the mid-day hours if you happen to be in Athens during summer.

A stroll through the National Gardens

No Athens travel guide would be complete without the public park that spans over 15.5 hectares (38 acres) and is located right in the center of Athens. If you are tired or need some respite from the heat, buy some water and some snacks and plant yourself on one of the benches.

Once you want to explore again, don’t miss the sundial and the ponds. Or just walk around and enjoy the green space.

Visit the Cyclades in Athens

Of course, any Athens travel guide needs some more off the beaten path locations! Anafiotika is a lovely area in Athens, located at the foot of the Acropolis. It is still one of those places that many travelers don’t know about – I found about it from a local. Put your walking shoes on and get ready to get lost on tiny streets which will make you believe you are on a Cycladic island. Yup, you read that correctly. The first buildings were built by workers who came from Anafi and who wanted to keep the tradition alive.

Athens travel guide

A meal in a taverna

Although I am not a foodie, I’ve always loved the Mediterranean cuisine. And Greece has some yummy things on offer. Forget the classic Greek salad and taste the mezedes: dolmades (wine leaves stuffed with rice), tzatziki (yogurt dip), or fava (beans dip).

Should you visit during winter, you should try fassolatha (beans soup) or moussaka (a casserole made with eggplant and ground beef). And don’t forget to visit some epic rooftop bars in Athens!

Did we miss anything in our Athens travel guide? Write your recommendations in the comments below!

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Athens travel guide

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