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In this new day and age, the biggest part of the younger population is only interested in sitting in front of their laptops, surfing the web, and playing video games. They don’t even hang out with anyone anymore, most of the time they meet people online and that’s how they somehow manage to have a social life. However, there’s one aspect of life the Internet can’t provide – the experience of traveling.

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Personally, I love to travel the world. I’ve been all around this beautiful Earth of ours and I can honestly say those are the moments I cherish deeply. For those of you who also love to travel, I recommend you to visit one small, but extremely beautiful country located in Eastern Europe – Serbia, Albania‘s northern neighbour. This Slavic country has a beautiful culture and it also has a lot of natural wonders to offer its visitors. Therefore, I decided to pick out 5 places that if you visit Serbia you simply have to check out.

Fruška Gora Mountain And National Park

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This beautiful piece of preserved nature is located in Syrmia region between the wonderful rivers Danube and Sava. Fruška Gora is also known as the “Jewel of Serbia” and it definitely deserves that nickname.

This lovely mountain has a protected area called Fruška Gora Park which is covered with beautiful lawns, vineyards, and wineries. Every wine enthusiast should definitely visit this place, it has some high-quality wine to offer. Besides wonderful nature and exceptional wine, this mountain hides many ancient Orthodox monasteries that date back to the 12th century. Amazing place indeed.

Lepenski Vir

If you love archaeology and history, this is definitely the place you must see when you visit Serbia. This legendary archaeological site is located in the central Balkan Peninsula and it dates from 9,000 to 6,000 BC. Quite amazing, right? Lepenski Vir offers its visitors a chance to see and experience relics, sculptures, buildings, shrines and river stones said to represent ancient gods. This would be an awesome experience for anyone who appreciates pre-historic art.

Zlatar Mountain Range

Serbia is a country with breathtaking nature and this stunning location is a living proof of that. Zlatar’s highest peak is called Golo Brdo and it’s one of the most popular attractions in this country. It is covered with mesmerizing meadows, lakes, and dreamlike forests. Since Zlatar is rather high, it provides its visitors with fresh and clear air. Because of that wonderful air, there are a lot of spa centers in this area where people come to relax and recover.

Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade

You can’t visit Serbia without seeing its wonderful capital, right? Belgrade offers many perks and lovely experiences, but Kalemegdan Fortress is absolutely one of the best. Located at the very crossroads of central Europe, this amazing fortress stood strong in spite of many attacks throughout the history. Kalemegdan endured The Huns, Byzantines, Romans, Goths, and the Turks and it’s still standing tall! If you’re planning to visit Serbia anytime soon, don’t forget to see this mighty monument.

visit Serbia

Creative Commons Zindan Gate Complex by I.C Photo http://tinyurl.com/z36hd6o

Drvengrad or Timber Town, Zlatibor Mountain

This lovely village was built by the famous director Emir Kusturica for the purposes of his film “Life is a Miracle”. After the movie was done, this place was turned into an ethnic open-air museum with many different movie attractions. The nature surrounding this place is simply stunning. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll definitely enjoy the life-size statue of Kusturica’s good friend Johnny Depp. These two cooperated on a movie called “The Arizona Dream” back in the day.

What on earth are you waiting for? It’s time to visit Serbia today!

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visit Serbia

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