Ultimate Guide to California

California is known as the home of some of the most beautiful places in America, if not in the world. From Santa Barbara to Big Sur, to the biggest Hollywood film House, California has it all. It’s so beautiful that no matter the number of times you visit the state, you’re still not going to scratch the surface or get enough of all the beauty this Golden State has to offer.

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Creative Commons Bowling Ball Beach by John ‘K’ http://tinyurl.com/j28glu7

7 Places You Should Never Forget to Visit

By Aqib Nazir

This ultimate guide to travel California is for you to get to know and visit some of the best places California has to offer –  beautiful places I bet you never knew existed!

1. The Cypress

The Cypress, which is popularly known as the “tree tunnel”, is located alongside the Pacific Ocean and Tomales Bay. On the cypress, there is a Monterey cypress that takes you to the wireless telegraphy receiving station built in the early 90s. The beauty that will grace your site is something you will live to remember.

2. Alamere Falls

The Alamere Falls is a waterfall that flows into the ocean, a rare “tidefall” found on the Coast Trail on the Palomarin Trailhead through hiking. Here’s a tip: if you are into rope swings, stop at Bass Lake on your way it will add more thrills to your trip.

travel california

Creative Commons Alamere Falls by ah zut http://tinyurl.com/hzyafkm

3. Bowling Ball Beach

This beach got its name from the spherical sandstone creations because it has the look of bowling balls, located along the hell up Hwy 1. When the tide level is right, it can be one of the most exciting things EVER. If you’re going to travel California, you must check it out!

4. Painted Canyons

Painted Canyons got its name from its different walls, which are washed with beautiful colors like green, pink, reds, brown, and gray. It’s without a doubt one of the most beautiful hikes in California and is located about an hour to the southeast of Palm Springs. It has a narrow and refreshing cold gorge made some years back by the San Andreas Fault which makes it more appealing. Wooden ladders inside were replaced with metal ones by a rational individual.

5. Natural Bridges

The Natural Bridges came into existence when the rushing water of Coyote Creek came from a piece of soluble bedrock, and formed the Aladdin caliber Cave of Wonders. Going for a fun trip there? Best come along with your bathing suit. This is an amazing spot to take a dip while you travel California.

6. Fern Canyon (Gold Bluffs Beach)

This place is famous for its seven wonders (seven types of ferns) that even renowned Hollywood movie producers usually picked it as their top location to shoot movies. This wall has a narrow gorge that’s carved out by Home Creek, some of which are dated back to over 300 million years.

travel california

Creative Commons Gold Bluffs Beach Campground — Humboldt County, California by Carl Bolstad http://tinyurl.com/gqq2daa

7. The Seven Tea Cups

This place is one of the coolest natural wonders of the world; it is described as one of the world’s most spectacular canyoneering ever. Make sure you have a rope or something to climb on and when you get to the top, you get rewarded with the most beautiful sight on the way back down.

If you are going to be visiting all these places, make sure you are well prepared, it’s something you will live to remember.

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